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Creating your dream life becomes a lot more accessible when you have a dream business.


Starting your coaching business is just the beginning.

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Imagine, waking up every day, knowing you are doing the exact work you were made to do in the world.


You wake up excited to work with your clients who love to work with you and pay you. You help your clients have breakthroughs, accomplish goals they never knew were possible, and you help them create results that blow their mind (and yours). Imagine being able to work from anywhere, leave your corporate job, travel to dream destinations, and give your family experiences you never dreamed of. Imagine getting to spend the time you really want with your kids and show THEM what’s possible for them and their lives.  

Imagine making more money than you ever thought was possible, doing work you love, spending all of your time the way you REALLY want.

Creating your dream life becomes a lot more accessible when you have a dream business. 

Starting your coaching business is just the beginning.

This is all possible - and it’s easier than you think.


When you start a coaching business


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But here is where most people get completely stuck:


  • They aren’t sure what they have to offer (and don’t know how to create a great offer)
  • They think they need to study more or gain more knowledge to be READY to be a coach
  • They don’t know how to coach people
  • They don’t know what type of coach they want to be
  • They don’t know how to sign clients
  • They don’t feel like their life is fancy or shiny enough for people to want to hire them as a coach.  
  • They think they need to create a large audience or a large following to make money
  • They think business is complicated and aren’t sure where to begin
  • They are afraid of what people will think




Here is the good news:



You don’t need another degree, certification, training, or free webinar to start the coaching business you dream of.

Going into research mode has only added to your confusion and caused you to not take any action at all.

You don’t need to be a business expert or know ANYTHING about business to start and run a successful coaching business.

Thinking that has only left you overwhelmed.

You don’t need some fancy process or program to offer people.

This has left you wondering what you have to offer people when there are so many fancy offers and programs out there.

You don’t need to be perfect or have it all figured out to start helping people TODAY.  

That has only left you trying to meet unachievable perfection.

This is exactly why I created the simple and powerful program: 


Anything but Average


to help you start your coaching business so you can change people's lives and make money doing it, without all the confusion and overwhelm.

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Enrollment extended to January 19th

It’s simple. It’s powerful. It works.


Hi, I’m Lindsey Mango

I’m the expert at helping people start meaningful coaching businesses using their unique passions, that allow for time flexibility, financial freedom, and living life on their terms.

For 7 years I knew I was meant for a much bigger life than punching a time clock, waiting for Friday, and doing a job that felt meaningless. And I spent years trying to figure out what THAT thing was.  I changed corporate jobs 7 times only to find the rigid structure of the corporate world would NOT give me the life I wanted.

I tried network marketing TWICE- only to find I wasn’t passionate about the products I was selling.

And I kept trying to change my life by changing everything else but ME.

Then I found personal development, met a life coach, and saw the magic coaching created in my life. 

I woke up one morning KNOWING I was meant to help women do the same.

So I started my coaching business using everything I teach you in Anything but Average, replaced my corporate salary in 6 months, retired from my job, and was living the life I had only daydreamed about 6 months later;

Traveling everywhere I wanted to go, spending time with my family and the people I loved most, taking calls from rooftop pools and watching clients change their lives with my coaching.

Within a year I made six figures.  Then multiple six figures.

 And today I have built a business that has made over 1.4 million dollars helping people start coaching businesses, working 3 days a week, living a life that is an absolute dream.



It's simpler and can happen faster than you think.

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Now you might be thinking…


“What if I’m on the fence about coaching?”

“What if I am not ready to start coaching people?”

“What if I have a full time job? I can’t just quit”

“Why would this business be different? I already tried to start a business”

“What if I’m on the fence about coaching?”

The beauty of coaching is this: It’s flexible.  It can look however you want it to look.  All you have to know is, do you want to do something that helps people? And do you want to create a life of total freedom and flexibility? If the answer is yes to both of these questions you’re not on the fence.  Coaching will give you that.  And Anything but Average will teach you how to create the specific coaching business you want to fit your unique passions and needs.  Think of it like a coloring book.  Coaching is the outline, and you get to fill it in with whatever color and design you want.

Also, staying confused about whether you want to coach is keeping you safe.  You’re reading this because you want to start a coaching business.  Your brain would rather be confused than make decisions and have to face all the concerns you have.

We work on that in Anything but Average too.


“What if I am not ready to start coaching people?”

You don’t have to be. I will teach you HOW.  This program is made to teach you how to develop your skills as a coach so you know how to help people.

If you are ready to start coaching people and you haven’t started your business- this is for you too. Anything but Average teaches you how to put everything you need in place to start your coaching business. 


 “What if I have a full time job? I can't just quit”

Don’t quit your day job yet. It’s your business investor.  There is no need to put added pressure and stress on your coaching business to support you.  This program teaches you how to keep your coaching business simple so you can build it WHILE working a full time job, UNTIL you can leave.


“Why would this business be different? I already tried to start a business”

2 things:  Did you start the other business because you’re passionate about it or just because you needed a way out of your job? 

If that was the case it wasn’t the right business for you. In this program I teach you how to discover your purpose and turn that into a coaching business. You will never abandon your purpose. But you will abandon a business that you’re using as a means to an end, aka: just trying to get out of your job.

And a business's success or failure IS dictated by you. The other businesses didn’t succeed for one of two reasons:

  1. You weren’t committed so when it got hard you quit. In Anything but Average I teach you how to create unconditional commitment, aka- a level of commitment where you keep going UNTIL you get the outcome you want.
  2. You didn't address what was keeping YOU from getting the results you want. 


In Anything but Average we start with YOU and make the changes you need to guarantee your results.


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Enrollment extended to January 19th







I was there too...


but with this proven process, you will be ready to start your coaching business in the First 30 days and sign your first client in the next 30 days


Here's What You Get 



When you sign up, you'll receive immediate access to 35+ video modules, breaking down the step by step process to start your coaching business. Binge watch the whole course or take it one step at a time-it's up to you. See below for the breakdown of the modules.



LIFETIME ACCESS To weekly LIVE coaching. Get your questions answered by Lindsey and Lindsey's Team of Coaches during weekly LIVE coaching sessions. This is an opportunity to ask your individual questions as you implement the process.




LIFETIME 24-7 ACCESS to the Facebook community to get support from other coaches on the same journey and celebrate your success as you see transformation, start your business, and sign clients.



LIFETIME 24-7 ACCESS where you can post and get coaching from Lindsey and her team of coaches, ask questions as you implement the process, and get support anytime you need it.

All for an investment of one payment of $2,000.

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Enrollment extended to January 19th

The Video Breakdown 



Ever worry you will join a program and not get results because you may not follow through? This FIRST module at the beginning of the portal teaches you exactly how to show up to the program to guarantee your results and elevate your commitment so you finish what you started. What we cover:

  • How to be Committed
  • Responsibility
  • Being Coachable
  • Celebrating your results
  • How to get results with the program



The way to become a GREAT Coach is to CHANGE your life with coaching. When you know exactly how to do that for yourself, you will know exactly how to coach your clients.  Nothing sells coaching better than people watching you and your life change before their eyes. Your first job is to become your first and best testimonial.  Here's what we cover:

  • Tools to coach yourself and change your life
  •  How to build new beliefs
  • How to coach yourself through anything (which in turn will teach you how to coach others)
  • How to get out of confusion



In this module I help you discern exactly what type of coach you are going to be (life coach, health mindset coach, relationship coach, etc) based on your unique life experiences, talents, and skill sets. Here's what we cover:

  • How to make decisions (and get out of indecision)
  • How to create your mission statement (aka: how to explain what you do)
  • Identifying what type of coach you will be
  • How to be successful in your purpose



In this module, I help you set the foundation to launch your business. YES, it’s only 3 things. Here's what we cover:

  • Creating your highly valuable offer (price, package type, package length)
  • Identifying your ideal client
  • How to build confidence to tell people what you do and make offers



In this module we cover everything you need to sign clients, help people and make money as a coach. The best way to change people's lives is by signing clients. Here's what we cover:

  • How to market & brand yourself as a coach
  • How to make compelling offers
  • Staying in service so you don't feel weird selling
  • How to prepare and execute highly effective consultation calls
  • How to handle objections
  • What to do when it's not working to get better results



This module only continues to grow.  We cover some business basics, like what I personally did when I first started, legally and with my accounting. You get access to a contract written by my lawyer to use when you start signing clients and access to a 3 hour marketing that signs clients workshop and workbook.

  • What I did with accounting when I first started
  • A video walking you through how to take payments (and set up autopayments with clients)
  • A contract you can use when you sign clients created by my lawyer
  • What I did legally when I started
  • A 3 Hour workshop on how to create content and marketing that signs clients
  • A 90+ page workbook that breaks down how to create content and marketing that signs clients
  • 30 days of content prompts (inside the Marketing That Signs Clients Workbook)
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Enrollment extended to January 19th

Outcomes you can expect


  • Feel confident in your ability to coach
  • Get real results in your life with coaching (so you lead by example)
  • Learn how to manage your mind so you can coach and grow your business exponentially faster
  • Be clear on what type of coach you are and how you help people
  • Understand your ideal client
  • Have a simple and clear offer for your clients
  • Launch your business
  • Know how to market your business
  • Sign clients and make money (and know how to continue doing it) 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Dissatisfied with the program in the first 30 days? You can get your money back. No questions asked.

Here's What's Happening Inside The Community

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Enrollment extended to January 19th


Summer Reyes

"Before Anything but Average I was in a constant cycle of buying new programs to help me launch my health coaching business. Anything but Average felt so different from the other programs I had invested in. I realized I had everything I needed, but I lacked belief in myself that I could actually do this.. After 3 YEARS of buying program after program and waiting to feel ready, I launched my health coaching business just 3 months after joining ABA.  The program brought me so much awareness of why I was stuck where I was. 

Lindsey helped me shift my thinking and gave me a different perspective that helped me launch even though I didn’t feel 100% ready. And not only did I launch my business, but I have helped over 6 clients with improving their health and I have lost over 20 pounds as I applied the tools to change my own life. 

My favorite part of the programs is having live coaching every week and being able to ask for support anytime in the community. Looking back I can’t believe how far I have come in the last year. My life looks so different and I know that this is just the beginning!”

Nadia Munro

"Before joining ABA I felt like I was settling for a life I didn’t want. I wanted to start a coaching business in part because I wanted to use it as a way of escaping my current situation.  One of the biggest gifts ABA and Lindsey gave me was making me slow down enough to change MY life first. Doing that is what taught me how to be a great coach for other women from a truly authentic place: By mastering the tools using them myself.

Since joining the program I have completely transformed my personal life.   I launched my coaching business and signed my first 2 clients which means I have more than doubled my original investment and I know this is only just the beginning.

My favorite part about the program is the weekly live coaching sessions. I show up every week to get coaching from Lindsey. Knowing I have access to coaching from Lindsey every week is so reassuring and the fact that I have lifetime access to this is unbelievable.

I have invested in my fair share of programs but none of them have even come close to the value of ABA. It literally has everything you need to change your own life, learn how to coach, start your own coaching business and sign clients.”

Melissa Lopez

"I’ve known I wanted to help people since I was a teenager. I thought about becoming a therapist but it didn't feel like the right fit and I was already good at helping people.  It occurred to me in November of 2020 that I could be a coach, but had so many fears holding me back.

I was afraid people would think this was just another “thing” I tried and abandoned because I started businesses before and realized they weren’t my calling. I was worried people wouldn’t take me seriously.

I joined ABA on my birthday- January 24th 2021. Followed the process and launched my business on February 13th. Today (April) I have 5, 1:1 clients, 15 people in my group coaching program and have already made $17,284 in my business.

ABA helped me get past all the drama I had about getting started and finally put it out in the world.  I am in awe of what I have created so far.”

Anna Brinkworth

"Joining ABA has changed my life and has helped me become who I always wanted to be (but didn't realize I could be).  Before joining ABA I had this deep passion and zest for life, but I never dreamed I could do anything with it.  I just believed what society told me: I should stay at my secure job as a Physical Therapist and leave it at that. But I wanted something more out of life. I wanted deep happiness, less stress, and to impact the world & help others in a bigger way than I could at my job.

So I joined ABA to start my coaching business.  

ABA is SO much more than just coaching to start your business! For the first time in a LONG time, I feel FREE, BOLD and UNSTOPPABLE.  I created Anna Brinkworth Coaching because I wanted EVERYONE to know that their potential is limitless.  Lindsey helped me see that prioritizing myself and this dream was the most selfless thing I could do.   

I joined ABA April of 2021. I launched my business in June of 2021 and by the end of June had signed 3 clients and tripled my investment in the program. By the end of September I had signed 2 more clients. I’ve made $9,800 and I am just getting started. 

Joining ABA to become a coach is the gift that keeps on giving. It's for every human who wants to show up fully to this one life we get to live, to show up confidently, and continue to evolve and help their clients do the same.”

Leilani Terry

"Before ABA I tried a whole bunch of programs and different coaches but never felt like they provided a successful outline of what to do to start my coaching business. It felt like I had a lot of information but didn’t know how to put it together and actually turn it into a coaching business.  When I joined ABA I thought, “Finally the program I have been looking for.” I learned how to connect all this information and actually start my coaching business.  The weekly calls are GOLD and worth the investment alone. Since enrolling, I have launched my business, signed paying clients, and have more and more people reaching out to work with me. 6 months ago this would have been unimaginable but it’s happening!! I can’t believe this is REAL life!”

Lexi Adam

"When I joined Anything but Average it felt different. I didn’t even know I wanted to be a coach until the moment I joined Lindsey's program. 

When I think about the program itself, the word that comes to mind is RESPONSIBILITY. 

Through the program I realized the only reason I wasn’t starting was because of my own fear.  ABA taught me how to get past my fear and since going all in and officially launching my business in June 2021 I have signed 4 clients and made over $8,000. 

To think that I almost didn’t follow through, makes me sad. The women I have served, and changed have also changed me. I cannot imagine where I would be without this program. I can guarantee I wouldn’t be here, wanting to dedicate my life to serving others,  in the most healthy relationship I have ever experienced, and taking responsibility for every area of my life."

Vanja Taha

"The biggest obstacle in starting my coaching business was thinking I didn't know enough to be a coach. Originally when I joined I thought this was going to be one of MANY programs I had to take before I would be able to call myself a coach.  

Two weeks after joining and going through the process I felt prepared to start coaching.

I have officially started my coaching business and am so grateful I found this program to stop waiting on my dream and finally get started.”

Chelsea Wright

"When I joined ABA I already had a styling business.  I decided I wanted to add life coaching to it because personal growth made such an impact on my life.  I launched it within 3 weeks, but felt confused on how to make my offers and niche seamless. 

It felt like I had two niches and I didn’t know how to make them work together.  

After joining ABA and working with Lindsey she helped me get clear on how to bridge the two together.  I feel so clear on my niche and powerful bringing both my passion for style and life coaching to my clients.  I know exactly who I serve and how I serve them. Since joining I had my biggest month in business at $7,000 in one month."

Casey Sementilli

"My biggest struggle before ABA was doubting that I could actually help people. This kept me from making offers and signing clients. Nothing worked before this program  because I didn’t have the self coaching tools that ABA offers. I didn’t know how to bridge the gap between where I was and feeling confident in what I had to offer people.  Since joining I have signed 3 clients and have made $6,000. Now I make offers confidently, I know how to coach myself through anything holding me back, and the community that comes with the program is one of my favorite parts."

Ashley Molitor

"I was curious about ABA when I started following Lindsey but I wasn’t sure it was for me since I wouldn’t finish my certification for 2 more months.   

I didn’t think I could start my business until I had my certification.  (which now I know you don't need one to start) The truth was, I was waiting for permission to get started AND had drama about who I was going to help, what my offer would be, my niche. I realized waiting for my certification wasn’t going to get rid of this drama.  Lindsey showed me I could start NOW.  

Within one week of joining, following the process, and getting coaching from her, I launched my business and got my first two consults."

Whitney Uland

"I was originally hesitant that I wouldn’t get results without a one-on-one coach, but I was totally wrong! I joined ABA because I knew I wanted a much bigger life but I couldn’t quite figure out how to get there. I started the ABA work by focusing on my purpose - my acting career - but once I started creating results in my acting, I also started seeing results in my health goals (finally hitting my goal weight!!) and my life coaching business (I hit 2x my biggest month last month!) I love being able to do the modules at my own place, but also coming for Lindsey’s live coaching support and community that comes with ABA. It’s worth WAY more than the investment I made - and I feel like this is just the beginning in the results I can create in my life!!"

Jillie Johnston

"After 3 years of trying to get my business off the ground, within 6 months of joining Anything but Average I replaced my corporate income, left my job and started traveling around the country, and now I create 10-12k months. It took me three years to say YES to myself and my results waited too. The minute I invested was the minute my life changed."

Start helping people, making money, and creating the life you REALLY want TODAY.



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Enrollment extended to January 19th