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There is a version of you who already has the life and coaching business you want.


The only difference between you and her, is WHO you are being..

In this Mastermind, we focus on becoming the woman and coach you need to be so you can impact more humans, create more money, more joy, more purpose, more freedom, more LIFE and more of EVERYTHING you want, the WAY you want it.

It's about breaking all the rules of how your business & life is supposed to look and doing it YOUR WAY.

Because that’s what you’re here to do. 

That’s why you started your business. That’s why you got into personal growth.

Because you know anything less… is settling..

And that’s just not who you are.


The room where you create the life & coaching business you're obsessed with

15 women.  6 Months. A Retreat. 

More Clients. More Impact. More Freedom. More Joy. More Success. More Growth. More Purpose. More Fun.More Money. More Passion. More Health. More Love. More Life. More of everything you want.




Here's what you'll walk away with:

  • A business and life you feel passionate about with offers and clients you LOVE 
  • The life you have always daydreamed about living  (like actually living the life you keep waiting to live "one day")
  • More clients, more impact and more money 
  • A business and life that reflects what YOU really want not how it's "supposed" to look
  • A business that is simple, fun and easy and supports the freedom and life you really want
  • A clear action plan that is unique to YOUR desires for both your life and business.



This is the foundation. Every decision you make from this certainty, sets you up to create the business & life you really want.


Get clear on your vision for the next level of your life and coaching business so we can make decisions and take actions that align with that.


Decide on the offers you WANT to bring to the world (not the ones you think you're supposed to) and get clear around the humans you are meant to serve.


When you have belief in your offer, in your best clients and in yourself as the coach, you will help more people, make more money, and sign more clients. I will teach you how to build this so you can make offers that truly feel like a no brainer for your clients.


Get clear on WHO you need to be and learning exactly how to step into being her


Learn how to take actions that align with what you want and create the life & business you want.  Learn how to market like the woman who is fully booked vs. the coach who is trying to be fully booked. This part of the process is about uncovering YOUR way of doing life and business. Not mine, not what society, other coaches, say but your unique action plan.


No one knows what you want better than YOU.  No one knows the best path to creating what you want better than YOU.  This mastermind isn't about giving you a cookie cutter path to success because this room is about YOUR version of success.  And that exists within you.  This process is about removing all the limitations so you can get clear on your limitless reality in both life and business, and then identify your most ALIGNED path to get there. 

The question isn't can you have it all?  The truth is: YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.  What way do you want it?

That's what we do here.




The container is built to give you the individualized coaching and community support, and IN PERSON touch you need to put rocket fuel behind your results.  Here's what you'll get:

  • 6 months of weekly zoom coaching calls
  • 6 months access to the ABA Coach Mastermind Community with me & 15 other coaches for 24-7 coaching support
  • Workbook with the step by step process
  • Journal from Papier (you get to pick it out your own fun design)
  • The Retreat: January 27-29, Location: TBD 
  • Portal Access: with all recordings from the last 2 year of mastermind calls AND pre-work videos

    **You will have access to 15 of some of the best coaches in this industry supporting you, coaching you, celebrating with you and showing you what's possible.

    This is YOUR community of coaches and humans who get YOU and get IT.  There is no better room if I do say so myself. ;)

Who It's For

Coaches who...

  • Have made money in their business and are ready to create the life & business they REALLY want
  • Want to make more money in a way that feels aligned to them
  • Want to have it ALL- the impactful and successful business AND the life they dreamt of having when they started this business
  • Know their personal growth is their business growth and want support in BOTH
  • Have made six figures and want to build to multiple six figures without sacrificing the life they really want
  • Keep putting off their personal life until those "one day" business goals but really want both
  • Want a business and life that feels like HOME to them


I am the living breathing example of what it looks like when you commit to having a life & business where you HAVE IT ALL. I have made over 1.7 million dollars since starting my coaching business, doing what I LOVE, while working 3-4 days a week, finding and marrying my soulmate, creating the health I always wanted, being a mom, traveling and LOVING my life.

I don't believe your personal life has to come at a cost to your business goals or your business goals have to come at a cost to your personal goals.

I teach my clients how to do BOTH.

I teach my clients how to STOP waiting on their business goals to live their life the way they want KNOWING that when you create BOTH the life & business you love, you lead by example, impact more people, sign more clients, and create even more of the life you REALLY want.




2 Payments of $5500





Frequently Asked Questions

I made $50,000 in my first year in my coaching business and had my first 10k month. 

"I served 100+ humans in all the different things I tried this year AND I grew more than ever as a human myself AND my marriage improved exponentially AND I was raising 2 precious little humans AND we moved across the country and adjusted our life and our kids to a new state, school, etc AND we remodeled two homes and created the life in 2 different states - which we had planned for retirement… AND I started a coaching business that blows my mind every day. I mean, what the actual heck?

It’s not about the $50k. It’s about the fact that I have FINALLY done what feels true and right for me, professionally. I am finally living as my truest self. I am finally overcoming the long list of limiting beliefs that kept me from this for so long. I am finally in belief that I CAN have it all.
It’s happening. And I’m letting myself simmer in it - which is also new for me.”

- Jillian Clothier (Life Coach)

I am on track to make 250k this year. 


"Last year I made 110k white knuckling it and not loving my business. Since starting the mastermind I’ve made over 100k and I feel like I’m floating! I am on track to make 250k this year and I LOVE my business “

- Whitney Barbary (Life Coach)

This is my second round of the Mastermind and I am now $20k away from my first $100,000 year.

"Before the mastermind I made a total of $12,000 in 18 months.  The biggest shift has been learning how to be ALL IN on my goals and create massive results in my business without burning myself out.  I feel better than ever, enjoy my life more than ever and have created more clients and income than ever”

- Whitney Uland (Coach for Artists)

I have been able to create $40k 4 months into the Mastermind and that blows my mind.

"Not only has this mastermind transformed by business, but it has allowed me to create the life I wanted to live, making memories with my family and having the freedom without being a slave to my business.

I joined this mastermind right after taking maternity leave and this was the best decision I could have made. Receiving weekly coaching from Lindsey as well as the support of my fellow coaches taught me how to market from a clean place, how to show up in the best service for my clients, and of course make a lot of money."

-Laura Clowdus (Autoimmune Coach)

I just had my first $16,700 month and signed 4 clients this week.

"Even after a mere couple weeks in the mastermind, I started having massive shifts. One of the biggest changes that I’ve had has been being able to fully stand in my power knowing that I am THE dating and relationship coach for my people. Every woman searching for love NEEDS to know what I know, and WANTS the results MY coaching helps them get.  This has changed the way I market, the way I talk to clients and ultimately the way they are attracted to me.”

- Victoria Miretti (Dating and Relationship Coach)

I created $60,000 in my coaching business.

"Two years ago, I had just decided to start a coaching business and was filled with so much uncertainty on whether I could actually pull it off. I had trouble calling myself a life coach, or telling people about what I did. And now it’s just part of me, it’s just WHO I am, and I’m amazing at it.

I have helped change the lives of so many amazing clients and have made an huge impact on the world."

- Amanda Suga (Life Coach)

So far this year and while being in the Mastermind, I've made almost $28k.

"Before starting the Mastermind, I had made $14k in 2019 and 2020 combined. While this increase of income is a noticeable difference, the bigger transformation for me has been in how I FEEL about my business and how I take action.

Prior to being in the MM, I was all about the hustle, setting giant goals, and taking every action possible. I thought that's what would create clients. All it created was a lot of burn-out and feelings of frustration and disappointment.In this mastermind I learned how to create more by doing less.. I'm so grateful for this Mastermind and all that it has taught me. I can't wait for the next round and to keep growing and upleveling!”

-Laura Hinton (Weight Loss Coach)

I created $100,810 in my first full year of my business.

"My motto used to be ready, fire, aim. I was doing everything I could to sign clients and kept finding myself stuck in the same place. It became a heartbreaking experience for me - I stressed myself out, burnt myself out, doing everything, that’s when I hit a wall and I knew I needed another way.  Joining this mastermind and working with Lindsey has taught me how to adjust my mindset so I can take simple and effective action that actually signs clients and creates money. "

- Shaina Leis (Lifestyle Coach)

I made six figures my first full time year in business all while having a baby.

"My husband just put his notice in at work because my business can support us AND we followed our family dream to move to Hawaii. What I realized through this mastermind was creating a six figure business in my first year wasn’t about WHAT I was doing. It was about WHO I was being. I didn’t actually have to put in all the extra hustle into my actions to get what I wanted, I just had to spend my time working on who I wanted to be throughout this process and watch the results calibrate with where I was at. This is what the ABA Coach Mastermind taught me and this is why I have the life and business I have today.” 

- Saren Eads (Life Coach)